Tuesday 1 December 2020

Top 10 Xbox 360 Best Graphics Games

10. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

The stunningly dynamic open world of The Phantom Pain gives players the ability to choose how to approach each and every mission. With a realistic passage of time and powerful weather systems, The Phantom Pain is a game that looks nothing short of phenomenal from the bottom to the top. Everything here is incredibly realised and designed, resulting in one of the most immersive action games on the Xbox 360.

9. Far Cry 4

Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 took players on a dark and thrilling adventure into the fictional Himalayan country of Kyrat for a dark journey into the heart of darkness. In a large open-world environment encompassing forests, rivers and mountains, players can travel freely by a variety of vehicles and complete the story at their leisure – giving plenty of time to admire the stunning detail that oozes out of every location.

8. Red Dead Redemption

Yee-haw! There are few things more beautiful in modern gaming than riding through the mountains on horseback as the sun sets. Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption was packed with the developer’s usual attention to detail and stellar character design, bringing the Old West truly to life for the first time in modern gaming after many failed attempts by other companies. This visually beautiful game is a masterpiece of graphical power, storytelling and gunplay. Just magnificent.

7. Halo 4

The most beautiful entry in the Halo saga, Halo 4 served as the first release in the series with 343 Industries at the helm and the result was gorgeous. With characters and assets receiving visual overhauls and some even recreated from the ground up, Halo 4 breathed new life into the franchise with its most visually stunning entry that also boasted incredible gameplay and a truly engrossing narrative. Incredible.

6. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Stunning environmental detail and awesome special effects conspire to make Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare the best looking CoD game on the console, thanks in part to the more fantastical theme of the game allowing for more over-the-top action, weapons and maps. Advanced Warfare is an absolute beauty to behold, delivering one of the most immersive and dynamic entries in the beloved series to date.

5. Forza Motorsport 4

The fourth instalment in the Xbox’s flagship driving series achieves an utterly mesmerising fidelity of graphics thanks to acclaimed developer Turn 10. The cars, roads and views in this globe-trotting racer are astoundingly realised, with this release implementing a new lighting engine that makes everything look photorealistic. Cruising towards the finish line as the sun bounces off your car is one of the most beautiful sights on the Xbox 360.

4. Grand Theft Auto V

One of the most immersive worlds in modern gaming, the crime-ridden streets of Los Santos, comes to life in Grand Theft Auto V thanks to stunning visuals that make the city a character in itself. The living, breathing world you inhabit in the acclaimed game is so packed with detail from the city to the surrounding countryside that you can get lost for hours just exploring. Even now, the Xbox 360 version of the game still looks phenomenal.

3. Gears of War 3

While the original Gears of War set the bar for Xbox 360 graphics pretty high back in 2006, it went from strength to strength ever since and hit a peak in the incredible Gears of War 3. This is a game that looks utterly stunning with incredible lighting, explosions and blood splatters. Breathtakingly brutal, Gears 3 is a visual feast that still holds up today as one of the best examples of the Xbox 360’s graphical power.

2. Alan Wake

The uniquely cinematic Alan Wake, one of the finest horror games on the Xbox 360, is a stunning game that makes characters out of light and darkness. With the light from your torch as one of the strongest weapons in your arsenal, it’s no surprise that the lighting effects are an absolute sight to behold. Hauntingly beautiful throughout, this is a dark and disturbing game that hits hard thanks to the incredible graphics.

1. Crysis 3

Boasting stunning environmental detail, amazing lighting and mind-blowing effects, Crysis 3 is without a doubt the most visually stunning title on the Xbox 360. Thanks to the CryEngine 3, Crysis 3 achieved benchmark-setting graphics with near-photorealism and the game’s staggering level of detail is just as incredible today as it was 2013. This game pushed the Xbox 360 to its absolute limit and it still looks unbelievable today.

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