Tuesday 1 December 2020

Top 10 Xbox 360 Horror Games

10. The Evil Within

With dynamic, mysterious worlds that warp and twist around you in real-time, The Evil Within is often psychologically horrifying and anxiety-inducing. Facing unimaginable terror, you must embark on a journey to unravel what is behind an evil force in a deranged world where hideous creatures wander among the dead. With an intricate story, solid gameplay and stunning visuals, The Evil Within is a must – if you’re brave enough.

9. Darksiders II

Full of frightening dungeons to explore and ghastly enemies to fight, Darksiders II is an enormous game packed with chills. Bigger, bolder, deeper and smarter than its predecessor, this dark and disturbing adventure puts you in control of Death as you embark on a journey to redeem your brother’s name. This engrossing title should send a shiver down your spine as you traverse around its frightening world.

8. Dead Island: Game of the Year

While most horror games take place in bleak, colourless worlds, Dead Island takes the action to a tropical holiday resort. In a vast open-world environment, you will lay waste to the undead with a variety of customisable weapons and a fun combat system. Like Dead Rising, Dead Island is more focused on the fun side of horror rather than disturbing you – but finding yourself vastly outnumbered and cornered by a horde is just as pulse-racingly intense as any game on this list.

7. Alien: Isolation

Heavily inspired by the first film in the Alien film series, this harrowing sci-fi survival horror title will scare the living shit out of you. Stalked by a dynamic, responsive and ridiculously intelligent AI alien, you will be amazed at just how often you are outsmarted. With stunning visuals and sound design, this is one of the most faithful and authentic film adaptations in gaming, transporting the player right into the atmosphere and terror of Ridley Scott’s original horror masterpiece.

6. Condemned

This dark and disturbing title feels heavily inspired by David Fincher’s Se7en, as you control FBI Agent Thomas and use instinct, forensic tools and ultimately combat to bring serial killers to justice. One of the most harrowing experiences on the Xbox 360, this is a game that will leave you emotionally and physically drained – the twisted atmosphere and violent shocks hit you like a sledgehammer. This is how horror gaming should be.

5. Dead Space

Despite solid sequels, there is nothing scarier than the original title in the Dead Space series. Intense, violent and incredibly aggressive, Dead Space is one of the most harrowing experiences in modern gaming. Creating a truly cinematic atmosphere, Dead Space’s enthralling story and dialogue immerse the player into its dark and disturbing world. Play this one loud with the lights off and I guarantee you’ll not sleep for weeks.

4. Dead Rising

Loved for its quirky black humour and reluctance to take itself too seriously, Dead Rising is at its best – and most fun – when you’re creatively slaying the undead with everything and anything at your disposal. One of the most over-the-top and addictive survival horrors in gaming, the genre certainly doesn’t get more fun than this. And there are few boss fights as harrowing as Adam the Clown…Still makes me shudder – “Everyone used to laugh at me…”.

3. Resident Evil 6

Certainly one of the most beloved franchises in horror gaming, Resident Evil’s finest hour on the Xbox 360 came in the form of the terrifying Resident Evil 6. Boasting big scares, stunning visuals and a very intense narrative, this intricate action-horror title is an adrenaline-pumping experience. Resident Evil 6 might be a little more action-heavy than predecessors in the genre, but you can’t deny the raw excitement from its big moments.

2. Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is a co-operative action horror that takes you and your friends through cities, swamps and cemeteries across five thrilling campaigns. With a range of infected enemies to deal with – including the Jockey, Spitter and Charger – this is an intense and unrelenting experience that will keep you on your toes, as you never know what is lurking around the next corner. Endlessly thrilling and brutally intense, Left 4 Dead 2 is scarily good.

1. Alan Wake

This deeply psychological and finely crafted horror game puts players in the shoes of the titular Alan Wake, a celebrated suspense author investigating the disappearance of his fiancée in the idyllic town of Bright Falls. With intense combat, a stunning sense of cinematic atmosphere and a truly innovative use of light, Alan Wake is an unforgettable and disturbing journey into the heart of darkness. Spooky stuff.

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