Tuesday 1 December 2020

Top 10 Xbox 360 Long Playtime Games

10. Darksiders II

Full of enormous environments and dungeons to explore, enemies to fight and loot to collect, Darksiders II is an enormous game packed with content. Bigger, bolder, deeper and smarter than its predecessor, this dark and disturbing adventure puts you in control of Death as you embark on a journey to redeem your brother’s name. This engrossing title should keep you busy for many hours as you traverse around its frightening world.

9. Fable II

Easily one of the most immersive RPGs in gaming, Fable II allows players to build their own life and destiny in the vast world of Albion. With every choice you make moulding your character, Fable II allows players to become warriors…or settle down with a partner and children. With the option to do good or evil, right or wrong, Fable II is one of the most immersive games of its generation and is complemented by a gorgeously realised open world.

8. BioShock

The living, breathing world of Rapture offers a unique and unpredictable experience that will steal hours of your time as you obsessively level up and customise your character through collectables and progression. With an enormous underwater city to explore, loot to find and details to admire, BioShock is a game that will have you enthralled for every hour you put into it. And believe me, you will put in a fair few.

7. Star Ocean: The Last Hope

With countless side missions, areas to explore and various endings to replay the game for, Star Ocean: Last Hope is a huge game that boasts stellar visuals, a straight-forward and addictive combat system, an authentic sci-fi atmosphere and a slow-burning but engrossing narrative, Last Hope is an incredibly rewarding JRPG title that deserves a lot more love. Just be prepared to put in the hours – this one certainly deserves its place on this list.

6. Tales of Vesperia

This super-fun and engaging game feels more like an interactive cartoon than a traditional JRPG, but therein lies the reason it stands out as one of the best of its genre. Tales of Vesperia is a simple, unassuming adventure brimming with charm and endless content to keep you busy as you embark on side missions and focus on levelling up your skills. This is a delightful, colourful little game that serves as a lovely introduction to JRPGs for the uninitiated.

5. Fallout 3

Another stuffed RPG, the incredible Fallout 3 has enough lurking in the wasteland to fill your time without breaking a sweat. While the main story mode wouldn’t take a huge amount of time if you ran through it without stopping, your time will be filled by customisation, crafting and side quests whether you like it or not. It’s difficult to resist the charms of Fallout 3’s many attempts to distract you from its story – and what wonderful distractions they are!

4. Lost Odyssey

If you’re a fan of traditional JRPG with hours to kill, look no further than this long, arduous journey. Filled with an engrossing story that fleshes out all of its characters, a powerful turn-based strategy system, stunning presentation and a beautiful score, Lost Odyssey is a stunning masterpiece that excels across the board. This is a definitive JRPG that feels like a passionate throwback to the early masterpieces of the genre.

3. Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition

As if the huge Dragon Age: Origins wasn’t enough for you, the Ultimate Edition includes the Awakening expansion pack for the full Dragon Age experience. Dark and brutal, this enormous RPG adventure is bursting with content and should keep you occupied for days. With a richly engaging story, memorable characters and an immersive world, Dragon Age: Origins is a marvel of the RPG genre.

2. Mass Effect 3

With a rich, branching storyline and many worlds across the galaxy to explore, Mass Effect 3 is epic in scope and will fill your days before you know it. Featuring a huge wealth of customisation across your soldier, arsenal and abilities, this is a game you can sculpt to fit your playstyle – and with multiple endings determined by your choices, completists will want to replay over and over to explore every outcome.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fus-ro-dah! The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is not a game that you complete – the main quest is only a tiny part of the content, with the world itself taking more of players’ time. My fondest memories of Skyrim are not of beating quests, but rather exploring Tamriel, speaking to people, reading into the lore through the in-game literature, and trading. There is just so much going on here that it will consume your life – but in the best possible way. An absolute marvel of gaming.

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