Friday 6 November 2020

Top 10 PS VITA All-Time Best Games

10. Need for Speed Most Wanted ‘12

Need for Speed Most Wanted offers players an expansive open world packed with exhilarating action, as you must outdrive and outsmart a relentless police force gunning to take you down. Players must use the vast city to their advantage to find hiding spots, hit jumps and earn new vehicles to keep one step ahead of the cops and become the Most Wanted. An absolutely terrific driving game. 

9. LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

The acclaimed handheld instalment in the beloved puzzle platformer sees the adorable Sackboy in another adventure of creation and customisation. With many levels and minigames to enjoy, the game is packed with content! This, paired with all of the user-generated content and customisation create endless opportunities for creativity. Titles like Little Big Planet remind us why we love gaming so much.

8. Tearaway

This papercraft-inspired platformer is a truly beautiful gaming experience which fully utilises virtually every single input and feature the PSVita has at its disposal. With richly detailed mechanics and a truly vibrant world to explore, this absolute masterpiece of the console could also make a pretty good case for being one of the most innovative and unique titles in gaming, period. An absolute must-own.

7. Final Fantasy X HD/X-2 HD Remaster

Combining visually upgraded remasters of two of the best and most moving games in the Final Fantasy series, this passionate release sees a pair of incredible RPGs together, looking and playing better than ever. Providing a richer and deeper Final Fantasy experience thanks to the passionate remaster and new content, this is a must for fans of the RPG genre.

6. Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Taking the acclaimed Uncharted series into the handheld arena, Golden Abyss sees Nathan Drake searching for the lost city of Quivira. Fans of the series will know what to expect from the action platformer, delivering all the puzzles and cover-based shooting that have defined the series til now. With remarkable visuals and Vita-specific mechanics, this title stands with the best Uncharted adventures.

5. Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is nothing short of wonderful. This charmingly beautiful old-school platformer romp is a love letter to the genre and simply oozes passion, and is certainly at its best when enjoyed with a friend. Deceptively simple, the game is a fun, stress-free experience and the addition of mini-games including the addictive Kung Foot makes for a fun night in. There’s a reason Rayman is one of the most beloved franchises!

4. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

This generous package combines Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater with updated HD visuals and the result is one of the best releases on the PSVita. Both games are stellar and should be compulsory playing for any gamer. These are games that stand the test of time and the fresh visuals give them a new life, while new touch control mechanics make the games feel fresh and new. A true gaming masterpiece.

3. Minecraft

This beloved game allows players to use their creativity to build and explore their wildest fantasies, making for one of the most pleasing and entertaining games available on the console. With single-player and online available, the game is also a valuable social tool for youngsters and encourages teamwork as players build, explore and play together. A must-own for younger players, but hey, your inner child will surely love it too! 

2. Gravity Rush

One of the earliest examples of what the PSVita is capable of, Gravity Rush holds up today as a definitive example of the console’s power and ingenuity. As you use gravity powers to fly, walk on walls and perform ridiculous flying kicks on your enemies, this wholly original and unique title is an absolute masterpiece of the console and handheld gaming in general.

1. Persona 4: Golden

Far more than just a port of the 2008 PS2 game, Persona 4: Golden offers an extended adventure bursting with new characters, stories, personas and demons. The result is one of the deepest and most engrossing RPGs in modern gaming, offering a coming of age story that sees you on a unique journey to thwart a serial killer. Beautifully designed and perfectly executed, this one is an absolute masterpiece and without a doubt the finest game on the PSVita.

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