Sunday 1 November 2020

Top 10 PS3 Kids Games

10. EyePet & Friends [PlayStation Move Required]

 The innovative EyePet franchise enables young players to experience a magical pet in their living room through augmented reality. With the intuitive controls of PlayStation Move, players can nurture and play with their EyePet while customising toys, outfits and more. Endlessly fun and encouraging creativity and nurturing, this charming little game is perfect for younger players.

9. De Blob 2

This nitro-charged adventure puts players in control of Blob and Pinky as you investigate the terrible conspiracy behind the brainwashed Blancs. This colourful and kinetic sequel also introduced super new co-op modes that allow players to liberate Prisma City together and triumph over adversity together in this delightfully daft romp, resulting in certainly one of the most fun co-op experiences on the PlayStation 3 for young players.

8. LEGO Jurassic World

Combining the thrilling Jurassic Park trilogy with the newer Jurassic World film, this wonderful entry in the LEGO gaming universe faithfully recreates the finest moments from the iconic dinosaga. With the usual countless playable characters, hidden in-jokes and wonderful replayability, this colourful and addictive title is full of wonder and reminds players why the Jurassic Park films are so beloved. Life, uh, finds a way...

7. How To Train Your Dragon 2

Embark on an epic journey to the Island of Berk as you enter the new sport for Viking adrenaline junkies: Dragon Racing. As you take part in races across the beautiful yet treacherous island, you will discover all manner of hidden quests and improve your dragon by collecting coins and completing challenges to unlock new traits and abilities. A super faithful and fun adaptation of the beloved film series, younger players will have a blast with this fun racing game.

6. LEGO Marvel Avengers

With the recent success of Marvel films, younger players will find a lot to enjoy in the Avengers game. With over 100 characters to unlock and play as this colourful and fun adventure puts you in control of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in their quest to save the world. With a unique take on open-world gameplay and key moments from the films to relive, this is one of LEGO’s finest hours yet.

5. Carnival Island [PlayStation Move Required]

Roll up, roll up! Young players will discover a world of wonders as they explore the magical Carnival Island, taking on friends and family in over 35 fun-filled games from Ring Toss to Mini Bowling, and discovering enchanted animals, cool prizes and unexpected surprises! This wonderful party game is full of fun content and will keep younger players entertained for hours on end as they master their skills in each of the 35 games.

4. Create

Boasting over 100 challenges to spark your imagination, this is a game that – unsurprisingly – encourages creativity. The game rewards the player’s imagination as thousands of stickers, brushes, textures, elements and objects are at your disposal to create each scene any way you like. As you create your own unique, dynamic environments, your creativity is rewarded by unlocking new tools and challenges. Endless fun!

3. The Ratchet & Clank Trilogy: Classics HD

This generous package bundles the first 3 acclaimed Ratchet & Clank games into one release, remastered with stunning high definition. As you load up on zany weapons and cool gadgets, these three hilarious and action-packed adventures will entertain younger players with their fluid gameplay, brilliant stories and unforgettable characters. An absolutely wonderful set of games for all ages. 

2. Minecraft

Love it or hate it, there are few kids’ titles on the PS3 that could make as strong a case for a place in the top 5 than Minecraft. Encouraging creativity and imagination, the possibilities for players to explore within Minecraft are truly endless, feeling like a blank canvas for youngsters to explore their every idea. Whether played alone or with friends, when it comes to family-friendly entertainment, nobody does it quite like Minecraft.

1. Little Big Planet 2

The beloved Little Big Planet series has always been filled with charming fun, and the second game offers some of the best gameplay on the PS3. Packed with smart, innovative level design and the usual adorable art style, Little Big Planet 2 lets you team up with up to four friends as you weave through the intricate and puzzling platformer. Also boasting an expansive level editor, this one will keep you and your pals entertained for hours on end.

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