Sunday 1 November 2020

TOP 10 Wii U All-Time Best Games

10. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Originally released for the Wii, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U transforms everything into its HD best. The core foundation of JRPG beast slaying is still there, but it’s been augmented with more monsters, better load times and a gentler difficulty curve that’s kinder to players looking to get into the series. The GamePad also works as a nifty second screen to you can always have your map and inventory handy.

9. New Super Mario Bros. U & Super Luigi U

New Super Mario Bros. U and it’s spinoff  Super Luigi U are both a delight that not enough people have experienced. Whereas the likes of Mario Odyssey pushed the limits of what a Mario platformer could be, New Super Mario Bros. U takes the formula back to its 2D basics, a move that proves to be equally successful. Up to four players can play in local co-op, making for a great party experience.

8. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

This underrated title combines puzzle games with inventive platformer action to give a refreshingly unique take on the genre. Rather than sprinting or jumping your way to your goal, you have to rotate the camera view to open new paths of access. All this makes for an engrossing, challenging experience coupled with Nintendo’s trademark charming veneer. 

7. Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 is arguably one of the best action games on the Wii U. Teaming with truly epic, beautiful and action-packed cut scenes, this game will not let you catch your breath before the next boss battle. Nothing says over the top fight sequences better than taking to the skies in a battle against a demonic creature while ascending to the top of a skyscraper. The game’s combat is so expertly constructed, and its presentation so wonderfully unhinged, that will make you think twice before putting the controller down. 

6. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

The Wind Waker is one of those games that aged like a fine wine; the cell-shaded art style looking as good now as when it first released in 2003. That’s why the HD remaster had to do very little to make it look as good as any modern title. Aside from the lines being sharpened, it’s still the same timeless tale of our hero looking for his kidnapped sister. A true classic that everyone should play before they die. 

5. Super Mario Maker

What could be better than playing a classic Mario level? Playing a Mario level you’ve designed yourself! Super Mario Maker allows you to do just that, letting you use assets from over 30 years of Mario games to build your own courses, whether they be easy, challenging or downright impossible! Haven’t got time to design your own levels? Fret not, you can always pick from the unlimited supply of user-created courses to keep you playing for hours. 

4. Mario Kart 8

The king of the kart racers, nothing comes close to Mario Kart. With the near-perfect balance between pick-up-and-playability and challenge, MK8 truly does cater for everyone. Whether entertaining your grandparents or duking it out with the best online, you’ll find a satisfying experience no matter what you’re looking for. But if anyone dares Blue Shell us we’re throwing hands.

3. Super Smash Bros.

Is there any party game that can top Super Smash Bros.? The Wii U instalment is a definite highlight, introducing 8 person local multiplayer for action-packed brawls. With a roster of nearly 50 characters, it’s a celebration of some of gaming’s best and brightest heroes from over 3 decades of titles. We bagsy playing as Captain Falcon. 

2. Super Mario 3D World

Nintendo always seems to take their biggest risks with Mario in the third dimension, and more often than not it results in a hit. Super Mario 3D World is no exception to this rule, not only offering innovatively designed levels to manoeuvre and explore but with the addition of competitive multiplayer, it makes every stage even more exciting. 

1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe how good this game is. Never have we played an open-world game that’s so immersive, so deep and just so gosh darn fun to play. Every aspect of the game is flawless, from the combat to the art style and the thousands of secrets to discover. Originally designed for the Wii U, it works very well with the GamePad.

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