Thursday 19 November 2020

Top 10 PlayStation 2 All-Time Best Games

10. Burnout 3: Takedown

With an emphasis on dangerous, fast-paced driving, Burnout 3: Takedown is an arcade-style racing title that rewards players for reckless driving including near misses with traffic and driving in oncoming lanes. The game’s iconic titular feature, the Takedown, involves shunting opposing vehicles until they crash into twisted heaps of metal. It is chaotic, but one of the most ridiculously fun racing titles in gaming. 

9. Final Fantasy X

This incredible entry in the acclaimed series immerses the player into the world of Spira, a mythical land where technology has been shunned. The game follows multiple characters on their quest to defeat a rampaging monster known as Sin, with an engrossing and complex narrative that feels totally gripping throughout. With solid combat and immersive gameplay, this one could just be the series’ finest hour.

8. God of War 2

Following the acclaimed first game, God of War 2 improves in mechanics, content and general gameplay. With improved puzzles and combat and a staggering four times as many bosses, the game is absolutely loaded with content and totally earns its reputation as one of the best games ever released on the PlayStation 2. If you have never swung Athena’s Blades, God of War 2 is a pretty great place to start.

7. Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition

This special edition of the acclaimed threequel features retooled difficulty levels, the addition of mid-mission checkpoints, an additional survival mode and Vergil as a playable character – among other new features. The result is the definitive version of an incredible game with stellar gameplay and a solid combat engine that feels fluid and accessible. This supernatural hack-and-slash is Devil May Cry’s finest hour.

6. Kingdom Hearts 2

The unlikely and unique collaboration between Square Enix and Disney has spawned a truly beloved series, and it was never better than it was with Kingdom Hearts 2. With over 100 Disney characters throughout the game’s many themed worlds, you will embark on an adventure to destroy the monstrous beings trying to take over the tranquil Disney worlds. Packed with stellar visuals and lots of familiar faces and sights for fans of Disney, this one is a must.

5. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Set in the 1980s, this loving pastiche of the Miami Vice era delivers glamour, power and corruption. As Tommy Vercetti, you will climb to the top of the criminal underworld in the titular Vice City, so expect the franchise’s usual fast cars and violent deeds. An absolute landmark title in the genre with an influence still felt today, Vice City opened the world’s eyes to the true power of Grand Theft Auto…and gaming has not been the same since.

4. Shadow of the Colossus

One of the most acclaimed titles in gaming, Shadow of the Colossus is a remarkable action game that sees players squaring up against a group of towering colossi. Armed with only a magical sword and bow, players must identify the weaknesses of these enormous enemies and figure out how to exploit them – putting Shadow of the Colossus somewhere between action and puzzle gaming. Visually stunning and rewardingly challenging, this one is fantastic.

3. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Taking place in a living, breathing jungle, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater sees players fighting for survival by not only dispatching an onslaught of ruthless enemy soldiers but also battling the relentless natural elements of the wild. This extraordinary and unique gameplay stands Snake Eater out from the rest of the acclaimed series and certainly earns its reputation as one of the finest stealth games ever made. 

2. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3

This revolutionary entry in the beloved Pro Skater series boasts massive levels packed with people, traffic and interactive elements, giving the in-game environments a much-needed boost after the rather lifeless first games in the series. With smoother animations, significantly improved tricks and intuitive controls, Pro Skater 3 presents a peak in the series that sees players skating in LA, Canada, Tokyo and more.

1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

“Oh shit, here we go again”. Endlessly memorable and wholly iconic, no matter what the newer generations of gaming might bring, the Grand Theft Auto series will never again hit the highs of San Andreas. This incredible title offered the absolute best the GTA series had to offer and is absolutely packed with things to see and do. It will quite simply never be topped in the open-world genre. It is a masterpiece, in every sense of the word.

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