Sunday 1 November 2020

Top 10 PS3 Remasters

10. Doom 3: BFG Edition

The BFG Edition of Doom 3 is the ultimate collection of Doom thrills. Including Doom 3 along with The Resurrection of Evil and Lost Mission add-on packs, there is hours of bloody fun to be had here – not to mention the stunningly improved lighting and rendering and inclusion of a truly immersive 5.1 surround sound track that increases the game’s atmosphere tenfold. This is a terrifying and immersive horror experience that will remind you why the Doom series is celebrated as one of the most exciting franchises in the FPS genre. 

9. Prince of Persia Trilogy HD

Fully remastered with new textures and anti-aliasing, the beloved Sands of Time trilogy has never looked as vibrant and crisp. With a combined total of over 30 hours of gameplay on one disc, this staggering collection combines three of the most influential and innovative titles of the action adventure genre. Also offering stereoscopic 3D support for compatible TVs, this thrilling release breathes new life into the iconic series.

8. Jak and Daxter Trilogy HD

One of the most loved franchises on the PlayStation, Jak & Daxter return in 1080p High Definition in this passionate remaster. With smooth gameplay animation running at 60fps, the iconic trilogy from Naughty Dog has never looked or played better, and serves to remind players why it is one of the most celebrated franchises on the console. Filled with action and humour, Jak and Daxter is an absolute riot.

7. Monkey Island: Special Edition Collection

This wonderful release combines the critically-acclaimed and faithfully reimagined Secret of Monkey Island and LeChuck’s Revenge into one swashbuckling package. Boasting a contemporary hand-drawn art style, newly recorded dialogue and score and the option to swap seamlessly between the new and old visuals, this is a beautiful and nostalgic trip back to one of the finest game franchises ever. Arghhh, me hearties!

6. Silent Hill HD Collection

Are you brave enough to go back to Silent Hill? This spine-chilling remaster gives new and old fans the opportunity to experience Silent Hill 2 and 3 with the best visuals they’ve ever had, with significant engine upgrades, improved animation and higher-quality models. The games are still as terrifying as ever, and the ability to experience them with these new visuals feels like playing them for the first time all over again. Sweet dreams…

5. God of War Collection 1+2

Developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3, this stunning God of War collection features reworked and remastered versions of Kratos’ first thrilling adventures. Bringing epic mythological battles to life with stunning graphics and immersive narratives, this remaster delivers a smooth gameplay experience that acts as a fantastic introduction to the series for newcomers as well as a nostalgic trip down memory lane for longtime fans. There’s a reason God of War is one of the most celebrated franchises of modern gaming.

4. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

This generous package combines Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater and Peace Walker with updated HD visuals and the result is one of the most consistent packages in gaming. All three games are stellar and should be compulsory playing for any gamer. These are games that stand the test of time and the fresh visuals give them a new life – Sons of Liberty in particular plays better than ever. A true gaming masterpiece.

3. Hitman Trilogy

Worth the price for the remarkable Blood Money alone, this incredible release bundles three of Agent 47’s early adventures, and it’s interesting to witness the evolution of the franchise and gameplay into something truly special. With distinct, varied missions, the Hitman Trilogy is packed with content and is an essential title for anyone interested in stealth-based gameplay. One of the most addictive gaming franchises ever. 

2. Devil May Cry HD Collection

If you’ve never experienced Devil May Cry before, this HD Collection is quite simply a must-buy. Boasting three acclaimed full games, this is a packed collection, bursting with content – and the introduction of achievements will have completists hacking and slashing for many hours to come. As charismatic demon-slayer Dante, you will embark on journeys to the depths of hell, and if you’re like me, you’ll love every second.

1. Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy

Head back to where it all began with Ratchet & Clank’s beloved first three adventures, fully remastered in stunning high definition which breathes new life into the wonderful games. Known for its zany humour and over-the-top gadgets, the series puts you in control of a dynamic duo of Ratchet, a feline humanoid mechanic, and Clank, a sentient robot, as they travel across the universe and saving it from evil forces that threaten it – with the help one of the most extravagant arsenals of weaponry found in gaming.

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