Sunday 1 November 2020

Top 10 PS3 Platformer Games

10. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Thieves in Time is without a doubt the highlight of the critically-acclaimed franchise that puts you in control of Sly, a sneaky raccoon descendant of a long line of master thieves. As you journey through history and across the globe, this thrilling adventure offers captivating and engaging puzzles alongside stealthy action, resulting in an epic gaming experience that feels truly underrated to this day. A hidden gem! 

9. Rayman Origins

This whimsical 2D platformer features impeccable gameplay and stunning visuals that hark back to the glory days of the character, and indeed platforming in general. This pure and wholesome experience will have players hopelessly addicted to its charm. Featuring simplistic gameplay that is at times deceptively challenging, Rayman Origins is a fun and rewarding gaming experience for fans of the beloved genre.

8. Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures 2

Taking the iconic yellow chomper out of his traditional setting, Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures 2 adds imagination and depth to the series in a winning 3D platformer adventure. With solid controls and a remarkable amount of replay value, this vibrant game ranks your performance on each stage leading to hours of “one more go” until you get that elusive gold medal. Great fun and an interesting direction for the beloved character.

7. Sonic Unleashed

Thanks to the aptly named Hedgehog Engine, the visually gorgeous Sonic Unleashed splits the action between two different game types – traditional, speedy Sonic gameplay and combat-heavy platform play. The result is a varied and innovative experience that breathes new life into the Sonic series and stands tall as one of the best entries of the modern generation. A fun and interesting take on the platformer that plays like a charm.

6. Epic Mickey: Power of Two

Paying heartfelt tribute to animation history, this charming and passionate adventure of creativity and discovery takes players to Wasteland, an alternate world filled with 80 years of forgotten Disney characters. Players can dynamically tackle challenges in different ways to explore all possibilities and storylines, encouraging creativity in playstyles. Boasting a superb two-player co-op mode and gorgeous animation, this is one of Disney’s finest gaming moments.

5. Terraria

Much like the global phenomenon Minecraft, Terraria drops the player into a world of crafting and exploration which is procedurally generated, meaning no two environments you start in will be the same. Boasting a stunning retro, pixelated style, Terraria is an addictive platformer that leaves you to mine for materials and craft the perfect arsenal of weapons, armour and defences to take on an army of monsters.

4. Ratchet & Clank HD Collection

Head back to where it all began with Ratchet & Clank’s beloved first three adventures, fully remastered in stunning high definition. Known for its zany humour and over-the-top gadgets, the series puts you in control of a dynamic duo of Ratchet, a feline humanoid mechanic, and Clank, a sentient robot, as they travel across the universe and saving it from evil forces that threaten it – with the help one of the most extravagant arsenals of weaponry found in gaming.

3. Sonic Generations

Remastering iconic environments from gaming history into beautiful HD, this passionate Sonic adventure revisits, recreates and reimagines the beloved classic game into something fresh, vibrant and endlessly playable! The game combines the old with the new and results in a truly stunning Sonic experience that holds up today as one of the character’s finest hours, and one that will keep players of all ages entertained for hours on end. 

2. Little Big Planet 2

The beloved Little Big Planet series has always been filled with charming fun, and the second game offers some of the best gameplay on the PS3. Packed with smart, innovative level design and the usual adorable art style, Little Big Planet 2 lets you team up with up to four friends as you weave through the intricate and puzzling platformer. Also boasting an expansive level editor, this one will keep you and your pals entertained for hours on end.

1. Rayman Legends

This fabulous platformer is nothing short of beautiful. With gorgeous visuals, wonderful gameplay and endless charm, Rayman Legends is a nostalgic experience that takes players back to the heyday of gaming. Bursting with innovative ideas and secrets hidden in every level, Rayman Legends is one of the finest gaming experiences on the PS3 full stop, and a perfect title for players of all ages to explore and enjoy.

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