Friday 27 November 2020

6 Easy Ways to Maintain Your Phone

Worried about how to protect your phone? With a little help from us you can maintain and use it for a long time!

1. Remove unwanted apps, videos and images

Games you no longer play, photos or videos that you can move to a hard drive as well as deleting unwanted ones will keep your phone from lagging and heating up and free up a lot of storage. Closing all the apps that you are not currently using will also reduce lag and save you some battery.

2. Powering off

How many days have you kept your phone on? Never thought of shutting it down like a computer or a laptop? It is best practice to shut down your mobile phone at least once a week for some time. This will make your phone run more efficiently.

3. Best phone battery charging practice

Are you charging your phone overnight for a full 100% battery by the morning? Although many suggest that you charge your phone from 0 to 100%, it may not be a good practice. Your phone battery is built to last only a set number of charging cycles. Charging your phone multiple times a day when the battery goes below 50% and unplugging it from the charger just when it is above 90% will help extend your phone's battery life.

4. Keep your phone away while working out

It’s important to keep exercising even while at home, but while exercising, do not keep your phone in your pocket. It is a good practice to not keep your phone very close to you mainly when you know it is not waterproof. The sweat may cause water damage and your phone.

5. Protect your phone from Viruses and Malware 

Avoid downloading apps from unknown sources and clicking links that look suspicious. Your phone's performance may go down dramatically if you are not taking the right precautions. Viruses and malware can eat up your data too along with sending out your phone's information to third parties. Keep checking your data usage and get rid of such apps ASAP once you have done a thorough check.

6. Cloud Storage

Always backup your data from time to time. Save your important photos, documents or other files on the cloud storage which may be provided by your mobile manufacturer for free. Android devices can be backed up to Google Drive too. So take advantage of these free services and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

If you have tried all of the above and are still not satisfied, Trade-in your phone and UPGRADE for less or SELL your phone for instant cash or CeX vouchers.

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