Sunday 1 November 2020

Top 10 PS3 Sports Games

10. SSX

This over-the-top arcade title has you battling to conquer the 9 deadliest mountains with varied dangerous obstacles and various track types. With simple controls and many challenges to attempt, SSX has a focus on pure fun rather than intense simulation. There are few sports titles out there that can match the sheer enjoyment levels provided by shooting down SSX’s mountains at alarming speed. 

9. Top Spin 4

Capturing the essence of the tennis world better than the countless other attempts available, Top Spin 4 boasts an extensive career mode, an in-depth training mode (Top Spin Academy) and a focus on strategy rather than mindless button mashing. The result is a finely tuned tennis sim that is certainly the best example of its kind, and one that laid the groundwork for all future titles in its genre.

8. MX vs ATV: Reflex

Balancing itself somewhere between arcade-style and simulation, this ridiculously addictive motorcycle racing title offers pure adrenaline-pumping excitement even if the graphics are beginning to show their age. Packed with different tracks and vehicles, MX vs ATV is bursting with content for you to enjoy for hours. This underrated modern classic deserves a spot on any sports gaming list.

7. Skate 3

Easily the finest hour of the Skate series, this threequel offers an enormous amount of content with a wealth of boards, characters and a richly detailed track builder. Gameplay mechanics are superb and a choice of difficulty level means that those looking for a challenge need look no further. Easily the finest skateboarding title on the PS3, Skate 3 is a winner.

6. Madden NFL 2017

Whether you want to build an NFL Dynasty in the superb Franchise Mode, customise your team in Game Prep or refine your skills and strategy in Skills Trainer, Madden NFL 2017 is an extremely layered sports title packed with unprecedented depth for an American football game. With hundreds of pre-set scenarios to play with increasing rewards based on difficulty level, this is a game that rewards skill.

5. Fight Night Round 4

If you’re even remotely interested in the sport of boxing, Fight Night Round 4 is a no-brainer. With solid physics-based fighting and an absorbing and lengthy career mode, the game still holds up today as one of the leading fighting titles. Featuring surprisingly intelligent responsive AI and a focus on strategy, Fight Night Round 4 is a game that rewards your patience and thinking rather than mindless punching.

4. Pure

With charmingly unrealistic physics and a truly arcade sensibility, Pure is a ridiculously entertaining sports title. As you level up through performing epic and over-the-top stunts, you are able to upgrade and customise your bike to your liking. With brilliantly realised environments and an addictive quality that will have you coming back for more again and again, Pure deserves a spot in any sports gaming list.

3. PES 2017

While you might be thinking that all football games are the same, PES 2017 is certainly one of the finest examples of the sport on the PS3. With advanced physics and stunning visuals, the game looks and plays beautifully and has a real focus on the art and the strategy of the sport. This was without doubt PES’ finest hour on the console and it still holds up today as one of the finest football titles. 

2. UFC Undisputed 2009

Don’t be put off by the in-depth training and tutorials – while this game’s controls are intensely complex and take a while to master, the result is one of the most rewarding challenges in sports gaming. There are few things on the PS3 as satisfying as besting an opponent in the ring in UFC Undisputed 2009.

1. FIFA Street

Taking the FIFA format and placing it into smaller, urban courts, this fast-paced football title is without a doubt the most exciting on the console. With a wide variety of field design and sizes, FIFA Street keeps you on your toes as the differing courts will have you thinking on your feet as you adjust your strategy to suit the setting. This endlessly replayable title is the best thing FIFA ever did.

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