Sunday 1 November 2020

Top 10 PS3 Co-op Games

10. Borderlands 2

The charmingly over-the-top Borderlands 2 is packed with sassy characters, hilarious humour, amazing stories and ludicrous action – all conspiring to make one of the most preposterously fun titles on the console. With the distinct blending of action shooter and RPG, Borderlands 2 is a delightfully innovative game that features a solid co-operative function that allows players to share the carnage with a buddy. 

9. Resident Evil 5

With more of a focus on action than previous titles in the series, Resident Evil 5 opened up a different path for RE which results in a damn fine co-operative experience. Providing thrilling, authentic action-horror fun, Resident Evil 5 encourages discussion with your gaming partner regarding how to beat a boss, navigate an area or process through its terrifying world – and it’s certainly the most fun entry in the series.

8. Portal 2

This beloved puzzle game needs no introduction. Portal 2’s multiplayer mode has you and your friend controlling two robots, each with their own portal gun, and challenges you to use your initiative to solve the game’s physics-heavy puzzles and progress to the next level. With genius level design and a truly rewarding feeling of satisfaction when a puzzle is solved, Portal 2 is a masterpiece of challenging gaming.

7. Rainbow Six Vegas 2

As any Rainbow Six player will tell you, this is not a franchise for run-and-gunners or spray-and-prayers. Rainbow Six demands patience, tactics and a whole lot of teamwork – something that is proved by the incredible Rainbow Six Vegas 2. This masterpiece of tension includes a stunning campaign and an arcade ‘Terrorist Hunt’ mode that can be customised to your liking. Endlessly replayable, Vegas 2 is a blast that simply never gets old.

6. Lost Planet 2

Teamwork is the key to victory in this thrilling survival game, allowing up to four players to team up against the giant Akrid. Your skill on the battlefield will be tested like never before as you utilize teamwork tactics  and a variety of skills to vanquish your larger-than-life foes -  and don’t worry, Lost Planet 2 also boasts a huge arsenal of hardware to unleash on your enemies, including the series’ beloved armoured robotic Vital Suits. Boom boom.

5. Rayman Legends

If you like platformers, then look no further than the genre masterpiece Rayman Legends. Gorgeously designed and oozing with charm, this nostalgic adventure supports couch co-op and is easily one of the best adventures to share with another player on the PS3. Rayman Legends is a masterpiece that simply does everything right. If you haven’t played it, stop reading this list right now and rectify that.

4. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

While the series is primarily known for its cinematic single-player campaigns, the third game in the series mixed things up considerably with a couch co-op split-screen mode. Featuring several missions you can take up with a friend, Uncharted 3 allowed players to share the game’s acclaimed combat and exploration with a buddy on the same screen. It doesn’t get much better than Uncharted.

3. Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3’s main story may be single player only, but don’t overlook the game’s extra multiplayer campaign. Introducing four new characters for a thrilling co-op adventure, this explosive and action-packed romp takes place six months before the game’s main campaign. The co-op mini-campaign’s six missions are broken up into several segments and offers an extremely Left 4 Dead vibe in its structure – without the hordes of undead, of course. 

2. Diablo III

One of the best couch co-op games ever made, Diablo III gives you the choice of a class before dropping you into the war-torn wasteland known as Sanctuary with up to three friends. Aside from the stunning main quest, Diablo III is packed with other activities including plentiful side missions and dungeon raids, providing an almost endless wealth of content for you to enjoy with your buddies. A masterpiece of multiplayer gaming.

1. Little Big Planet 2

The beloved Little Big Planet series has always been filled with charming co-op fun, and the second game offers some of the best multiplayer on the PS3. Packed with smart, innovative level design and the usual adorable art style, LBP2 lets you team up with up to four friends as you weave through the intricate and puzzling platformer. Also boasting an expansive level editor, this one will keep you and your pals entertained for hours on end.

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