Sunday 1 November 2020

Top 10 PS3 Racing Games

10. Midnight Club Los Angeles

With at times downright bizarre physics, Midnight Club Los Angeles has a certain character and arcade charm to it that puts it high up on this list. With a simple career mode – beat everyone and become the champ of Los Angeles – this is a good old-fashioned racer with a focus on fun. With very little customisation or settings you can change, Midnight Club Los Angeles is a reminder that a good racing game only needs to put you behind the wheel to have a good time. 

9. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

This passionate love letter to classic SEGA characters and franchises is a wonderful call back to the heyday of gaming and provides a heavy emphasis on fan service. But this is more than style over substance – beneath the surface lies a truly effective kart racer, which could just beat Mario Kart on the track. A well-balanced, entertaining and delightfully entertaining arcade racer that is certainly the most fun entry on this list.


Packed with powerful race cars and beautifully realized locations over three continents, GRID challenges players to conquer everything from official race tracks to urban street races. With a focus on the thrill of the race and not on endless customisation and vehicle collecting, this is a game that blends the best elements of driving simulation and arcade racers to deliver an exhilarating driving experience that will thrill fans and newcomers to the genre alike.

7. Gran Turismo 6

With more than 1200 cars and a phenomenal physics engine, Gran Turismo 6 is any car-lover’s
dream. As you explore the game’s 33 locations, you will be in absolute awe of the graphical
presentation – Gran Turismo 6 pushed the PlayStation 3 to its limit and the result is nothing short of mesmerising. This is a game that looks and plays absolutely beautifully.

6. Split/Second Velocity

This unique and over-the-top title puts players into a fictional reality TV show where they must race for money and glory. Packed with stunts and ridiculous events including shockwave-inducing explosions, buckling highways and breaching dams, this crazy arcade racer doesn’t take itself seriously at all and the result is one of the most fun titles in the genre.

5. Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012

Most Wanted allows players to compete in three types of events: sprint races, which involves traveling from one point of the city to another, standard circuit races, and speed runs. But the game’s highlight is the ambush races, where the player starts surrounded by cops and must evade their pursuit as quickly as possible. The result is a thrilling title that stands out as one of the best in the Need for Speed series.

4. Dirt 3

This super-charged and endlessly fun racer combines the usual rally racing with delightfully bonkers mini-games including “Outbreak” which challenges the driver to spread a zombie infection and “Invasion” which involves smashing wooden targets. Also included is a gymkhana mode that puts drivers in obstacle courses, challenging them to perform tricks to earn points. Colourful and fun, DiRT 3 is a riot.

3. WipeOut HD Fury

Adrenaline begins where gravity ends in this futuristic and chaotic arcade racer, offering anti-grav combat racing and a pounding techno soundtrack. With a ridiculously smooth framerate and stunning neon-soaked visuals, this thrilling sci-fi racer offers a unique and exciting experience that few other racing games can even come close to matching.

2. Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Offering a full career mode for either a street-racer or police officer, this action-packed arcade title puts players in an open world featuring over 100 miles of open road, four times larger than that of Burnout Paradise. As the police, you can order in radar jammers or road blocks, while as a racer you can hit higher speeds to elude capture. The result is a surprisingly strategic racer than creates a heated rivalry between the racers and the law.

1. Burnout Paradise - Ultimate Box

Take a trip to Paradise City with this exciting reinvention of the Burnout series that, thanks to the overall tone and chaotic gameplay, reminds gamers why it was so beloved in the first place. The deeply innovative and exciting Burnout Paradise is a stunning and endlessly rewarding racing title that encourages carnage in the way only Burnout knows how. Throw out the driver’s handbook and let the chaos flow through you.

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